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1 - What it is

Boat insurance is a special kind of motor vehicle insurance. It is meant specifically to protect and cover against damage and injury to the driver of a boat. Boating insurance also protects against property damage that might occur when a boat has an accident. In some cases, boating insurance also fulfills a legal requirement.

2 - Who it is for

Boating insurance is a smart investment for anyone who owns a boat. Because it has the ability to protect the owner against large lump-sum payments, it protects the overall investment that an owner has in a boat. Boating insurance is also meant for professionals who may require a boat in order to work. This is especially important for professionals to have if losing a boat unexpectedly could stop a stream of income.

3 - How it works

Boating insurance works like most other types of motor vehicle insurance. Upon the filing of a successful claim after an accident, the boating insurance company will pay the owner of the boat enough money to cover damages and medical expenses. However, these must be expenses that the insurance company agreed to cover in the insurance package.

4 - Different types of coverage in existence

There are two major types of boating insurance in existence. One type of insurance package is meant for the casual boater. Another type of insurance is meant for the person who uses a boat in a professional capacity. Although both of these policies pay out lump sums of cash, they are constructed differently because of the manner in which the owner of the boat is using the motor vehicle.

5 - Major benefits

The greatest benefit of having a boating insurance policy is the protection that it gives the owner of the boat. A motor vehicle insurance policy that protects against lump sums keeps the owner of a boat from possibly losing the boat due to damage that is impossible to pay for.

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