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It is estimated that approximately 37 percent of the people who needed long-term care in 2000 were under the age of 65. Long Term Care insurance is something most Americans should consider, since becoming disabled is very much a possibility for most people. The coverage is designed to cover nursing care, assisted living expenses, and adult day care if it is needed. 

How it works

Long Term insurance covers any long-term care services for a specified term. The policy provides a daily benefit amount for individuals. The Care insurance reimburses the policyholder for any qualifying expenses. The benefit amount can be for any amount. Individuals are eligible to receive coverage once they are unable to perform multiple daily activities without substantial assistance. Most policies cover approximately 90 days of care for the individual.

Who needs long term coverage?

Long Term Care insurance is an option for people of any age. Anyone who may be unable to care for themselves for several months may be a good candidate for this type of coverage. People who may require adult day care or ongoing nursing assistance should evaluate the various coverage options available.

Types or coverage

Long Term insurance is offered as an individual policy. Individuals can choose to take advantage of a shared benefit rider options where owners can choose to collect benefits from the same policy. Each individual under a shared benefit rider plan can choose a set amount, and no one is permitted to collect over that amount as a part of a Care insurance plan. You can get a plan for 30-day increments, choosing from 30, 60, 90, or 180 days.

Who needs it?

Anyone can become disabled at any time. In the event of a catastrophic event, serious injury or other illness, extensive care may be needed. If provided through a nursing facility or by a medical professional, one can expect to see expenses quickly escalate. Everyone should have peace of mind in knowing that they will have the necessary care available to them.

Long Term coverage pays for any medical assistance and care needed if one becomes ill or otherwise disabled in the future. The coverage makes this care affordable and accessible to anyone who has become ill or injured.

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